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Material / Physical Products - Auction site

Spend your BTC into the economy! Bitcoin offers a wide rang of products you can buy online, everything from electronics to quality printing services, shipped to your door, from all over the world, some consumables are truly exceptional products Bee Bros and George's Famous Baklava , Good food Fair price! today a bitcoin buy anything, You can buy anything you want off eBay with bitspend.net,
Material / Physical Products
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Moki Market

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MokiMarket.com is an innovative marketplace that allows sellers to sell high and buyers buy low. Our unique approach allows users to create their own penny auctions for FREE! On MokiMarket there’s no need to worry about the hassle of developing and managing a penny auction website, we’ve done all the hard work for you!

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Art Auction, Licensing and Commission Agency
goSnipe eBay Sniper

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Place your bid in the final seconds of an eBay auction. Load your account with Bitcoins.

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Auction site

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BitBid makes buying and selling using Bitcoins easy! Screw eBay and Paypal. Never pay tons of posting, closing and payment fees ever again.
Bidding Pond

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Bidding Pond is Bitcoins first site dedicated to offering best bid and fixed price auctions for the Bitcoin economy.

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A German auction site.
Myibidder Auction bid Sniper for eBay

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Auction bid Sniper for eBay, bid on last seconds automatically. The Windows client application can be purchased with Bitcoins.
Bidnapper eBay sniper

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Places bids on eBay and other auction sites in the final seconds, called sniping.
Bid On Bitcoins

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This auction is a game, based on Martin Shubik's dollar auction. The rules are very simple: certain numbers of Bitcoins are being placed for sale and the user who made the greatest bid wins the prize. The distinction with a traditional auction is that all users have to pay for their highest bids, not only the winner.
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