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Havelock Investments Reviews, Read and write reviews for Havelock Investments - a site that offers Fixed rate and accepts bitcoin
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Havelock Investments      

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Currency exchanges / Fixed rate
Havelock Investments
Havelock Investment Mining Fund
Korb & Co. Investments
S.DICE Passthrough Fund

Havelock Investments is pleased to announce it is now accepting applications for funds to list on our exchange. We strive to achieve a very high level of both transparency and confidence, and will be thorougly vetting any applications. We will only accept the highest quality funds into our exchange. If you would like to apply, simply Contact Us via email and describe your company/fund, its dividend/growth strategy and provide complete contact information, so we can contact you to move forward.
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1 Unit of the fund represents 100 units in S.DICE on MPEX. Dividend payout will be initially be 95% of whatever MPEX:S.DICE pays the fund. Payout percentage will be re-evaluated every 3 months, but will never be reduced to less than 90%, and the intention of the re-evaluation is to possibly increase the percentage over time as we grow) 0.48BTC
With the upcoming Butterfly Labs ASIC rigs (set to be launched November 2012), Hashes / sec will begin to make the transition from GH/s to TH/s for typical miners over the next 12 months. Basic devices are set to start out at 4.5GH/s, while full mining rigs will go up to an astounding 1.5TH/s. 0.99BTC
The Havelock Investments Mining fund seeks to provide a consistent monthly dividend by investing in and maintaining Bitcoin Mining equipment with a heavy focus on FPGA (and eventually ASIC) technology. Our dividend will be approximately 50% of total mining revenue, with the other half going towards expenses and reinvestment in new hardware. The eventual goal is to increase the dividend over time. 13.75BTC

Havelock Investments's Reviews & Comments
Reviewed By: 1
2016-01-27 21:23:27

Reviewed By: 1
2016-01-05 21:32:27

Reviewed By: james(Guest)
2013-07-04 09:56:33

      customer service is bad
Reviewed By: Adam St-Germain
2013-01-09 19:26:15

      In my opinion this is the best place to invest some coins, BTC + HIM + S.DICE is a gr8 little "bitcoin investment portfolio"

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