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Warning! This site has been reported for the following reason:

The site has been operating and working normally over six months ago, but has been left up and running currently in hopes of just taking your coins. the scammer is also running btcriches.com, bitcoindouble.com and bitcoinbalance.com btcriches.com

Bitcoin Toss      

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Bitcoin Toss's Reviews & Comments
Reviewed By: 1
2016-02-27 16:45:20

Reviewed By: stoppots
2012-03-21 23:31:19

      Think everyone should be aware of sites that may have been operating and working normally over six months ago but have been left up and running currently in hopes of just taking your coins. This is wat conclusion I came too with bitcointoss.com back in February.

After deciding to try out the site I sent .2 BTC to the address provided by the site. This being a one time usage address since after the flip is won or loss your winnings are sent back to you with an address you provide. Luckily I won my first toss. However after waiting 3 or 4 days I never received my payment.

Thread I started concerning no payment

Upon looking more closely at the site I see there is no way to contact anyone with problems or issues about the site. No contact info nothing. This should be a BIG red flag to anyone considering gambling coins on any site. So after exploring a little more I find the original post from the author had announced the game the site offered. Also in that thread on the very last page very last post the author announced he was no longer supporting that site.

announcement thread

Said or offered nothing on the first page. Then he uses another page to mention he is no longer going to be on the forum for anybody trying to get in touch with him. So after looking around more I find he is also running btcriches.com, bitcoindouble.com and bitcoinbalance.com btcriches.com also had no contact info no did bitcoindouble. bitcoinbalance however is suppose to be the wallet service for those two sites. It had a single admin email from which I got no response

the thread for anybody trying to contact him

Just feel people should know these sites were setup and running and are still running however any issues arising from these sites which were left running players are unable to get help. Like I said I got lucky I won my first time. No telling how much people have lost and never even knew had they won chances are they would not of been paid. Find it pretty shady. Something else I found to be shady were two sites also from the same author


Both with links to bitcointoss on them.

Detailed Whois for each site

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