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Flexcoin - Bitcoin Bank      

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Internet & Mobile services / BitCoin-related
When you deposit bitcoins with flexcoin, you get a centralized account to send and receive from. You can access them from any web connected device. You receive payments on a positive bitcoin balance at the end of each month.
Flexcoin, LLC has allocated a significant amount of both time and money building the Flexcoin network’s infrastructure with security in mind. While building the Flexcoin client, we have emphasized the need for high security.
United States
1 South Second Street, Pottsville, PA 17901
Flexcoin ID: president
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Flexcoin - Bitcoin Bank's Reviews & Comments
Reviewed By: Paul S(Guest)
2014-03-04 16:19:30

      Definitely a scam. Fortunately the whole dumb idea is crashing around their ears. You just have to see how badly the flexcoin site is built and how bad their spelling is to appreciate the mess it is.
Reviewed By: eldogecoin.com(Guest)
2014-03-04 15:14:54

      it's a scam site

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