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BitJack21.com is the *ONLY* bitcoin blackjack site on the internet that can mathematically PROVE(and verify) that gameplay is 100% fair!

Crypto-proof allows you to verify:
* The order of the cards was 100% completely random.
* The order of the cards was determined before any cards were dealt and did not change during the hand.

This is made possible by having your browser window supply a random number seed prior to each hand (R2). The server also genrates a random seed prior to each hand (using a hardware random number generator), R1. The server then generates a random number, called RX. The server then computes an SHA256 hash of R1 and RX and displays this prior to the hand starting. The server then shuffles the cards into a random order by using both R1 **and** R2. After the hand is over, the server displays to you the actual values of R1 and RX, which allows you to verify that the order of the cards was random, based on the random seed you provide. Please read this page for all the details:
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BitJack21's Reviews & Comments
Reviewed By: gbh666(Guest)
2013-04-02 09:04:16

      This site takes deposits but does not return any bitcoins to account holders. Withdrawals do not work. The site owner does not reply to emails. This is theft, pure and simple.
Reviewed By: gallium21
2013-02-06 17:19:34

      This site bitjack21.com is a scam, the person running does not pay out. There is proof posted on the bitcoin forums. Do not let this scammer take you.

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