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Reviewed By: -1'
2015-10-15 00:39:39

Reviewed By: NotHappy(Guest)
2012-09-16 09:08:29

      I have done several transactions with this site, and although they have "eventually" came through, the 24hr guarantee is a joke and is NEVER HONORED! As for communication, its rare to non existent as soon as you have ANY questions regarding YOUR MONEY. I wont be using them again and the only reason I even gave them 2 stars was because eventually I did get my coin, but no communication, and it taking 4-8 days each transaction, from the time my money order arrived to finally getting my coin has left me thinking there are better ways than this..sorry get bitcoin but you fail!
Reviewed By: Jonny Gronlund
2012-07-13 06:08:35

      Do NOT use these people.

I sent them money over one month ago and after several attempts to recover I have no answer from them. Scam!

Reviewed By: Flyers31(Guest)
2012-06-18 22:44:22

      I have used Get-Bitcoin 3 times. The first time was flawless, the second time they "lost" my moneygram and informed that I should have placed my order # on the money gram. The third time is not a charm: it has been three weeks and I am told Thomas is holding my cash and moneygram because he "doesn't know what to do with it." Seriously? Don't bother with these knuckle-heads...
Reviewed By: Alex(Guest)
2012-06-14 15:19:50

      Watch out for these people. I made an order for 65 dollars worth of bitcoins and have yet to receive them. I inquired about a week ago, and the representative "Hannah" answered my email in a few minutes and said something vague about a "stray bank deposit" that was delaying my order. Meanwhile, the price of bitcoins was increasing. After several days, I became suspicious. I believed that they might be delaying my order so they could sell me the bitcoins at a higher price. I voiced these suspicions in another email and have yet to see a response. Don't use Get-Bitcoin, they are selective scammers!
Reviewed By: NoCash(Guest)
2012-05-26 12:58:09

      I wanted to trade BTC for USD Checks.
I asked if there were minimums or transaction fees associated with having a USD check mailed. They said, No just the 3% selling fee.

I sent a small amount to test the system. I have not been paid. They explained that they wre having technical difficulties and lost my order. They then asked if I wanted to be refunded and I said yes. I have yet to be refunded.

It's been over a month since I sent my Sell order in.

Pretty useless

Reviewed By: J. Johnson(Guest)
2012-05-02 01:02:25

      Sent $10 to try them out via Dwolla. Waited and waited. Spoke with "Hannah" at their support email (now ticket system). Apparently they can't match my dwolla order with my get-bitcoin order (despite the fact that I put the order number in the comments on dwolla).

Hannah sent my ticket to a supervisor. It's been there for two days now and no response.


Reviewed By: GuestMan(Guest)
2012-04-23 08:53:42

      I wired a lot of money to their bank account and have not received my bitcoins after 3 days. I e-mailed them and was told that their supervisor would be notified. I am beginning to think this is a scam as I have not received any explanations and it has been way longer than 24 hours. I will update this review if they indeed come through but as of now I am going to call this a scam

Update: After 5 days they finally processed my order. It was completed as described and now I have my coins. All is well except that their 24 hour guarantee is garbage. It took well over a day and they did not give me any sort of discount for the wait. However I am satisfied and now have coins so They are not a scam

Reviewed By: John Z(Guest)
2012-04-12 12:54:28

      Get-Bitcoin.com is definetely a SCAM.

I only sent $50 to try it out, received a response that they were processing the request and never heard back from them.

Reviewed By: j(Guest)
2012-04-04 06:05:52

      I deposited cash in chase bank acct on saturday, received reply that order was being processed the same day.

Then I got a reply asking to fill order at current market value which was higher than initial offer, to which I replied yes, please fill order.

It is now tuesday and I've submitted a help desk request.

Will have to update but at this point I've been waiting far longer than 24 hours since I approved their request to process order at market value.


Reviewed By: Guest(Guest)
2012-03-27 09:49:18

      I've so far used get-bitcoin twice for small transactions. In both cases I directly deposited cash into their bank accounts, and in both cases I had my coins within a few hours.
Reviewed By: Guo Ying(Guest)
2012-03-27 09:12:12

Reviewed By: SCato(Guest)
2012-03-22 08:57:22

      My review on bitcointalk:


20 days since i started the transaction and still no bitcoins. No communication on their end and I feel ive lost 100$. Id call that a scam.

Reviewed By: Dman X(Guest)
2011-12-29 20:05:09

      I've done 4 transactions in a one month period totaling approx $800Us. I choose the method where you deposit cash into a local bank for their account. Both Chase and Bank Of America. They always fulfilled my bitcoin order within 24 hours. But never sooner than 16 hours.

Their website could use a bit of polish. It doesn't inspire confidence with its plain looks. OF course over doing it would make it look like a scam. So, I guess it's close to a happy medium. Anyway, as I said, I took a chance and haven't been let down yet.

If you choose the deposit into their bank account method, you have to submit scans of the deposit receipt. Attach it to an email in PDF or JPEG format and you're on your way.

I'm giving 4 stars because in my opinion, I'd like to see the transaction go a bit faster. Though, they always completed the transaction under 24 hours as they state. I just figure with the deposit method, it should go faster.

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