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Internet & Mobile services / Wallet
Online Bitcoin wallet, easy to use and supports mobile phones.
Now with free Bitcoin mixer, you will always get new coins back when you withdraw from your EasyCoin.net wallet!
You only pay the Bitcoin transaction fee (~0.001 BTC).
We also support completely free account to account transfers.
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EasyCoin.net's Reviews & Comments
Reviewed By: Cade(Guest)
2014-03-29 15:07:49

      You have more useful info than the British had colonies prWeI-IW.
Reviewed By: Reaper(Guest)
2013-11-21 12:04:19

      I was scammed, too. He took all my money so I am desperate and I will not let him get away like that. Who ever says it "lessons learned" is a fool, better fight for your rights. I put his Server under DDoS and sites are unavailable, that's how I found out that the hidden service is running on the same machine. OK, lets put all the information together:

Services on
easycoin.net (offline)

Services on ?.?.?.?

Deposited coins are withdrawn to this address:
more than 1700 BTC scammed!

He was very active at this site:

At Youtube his username is "Chris Charles" but his videos are deleted.
His real Name is Christoph Schmitt as you can find here:


Christoph Schmitt
Kurfuerstenstr 51
10756 Berlin, Germany
E-Mail: admin@bitcoinwallet.in

Plenty of room to contact him and tell him what you think ;)

Reviewed By: Warning(Guest)
2013-09-09 23:28:04

      DO NOT USE EASYCOIN, Had bitcoins transferred to me last night checked this morning and all the bitcoins in my account have been transferred out. They literally just stole my bitcoins!!! Do not use i made the mistake only because Blockchain was dont for a while i have learned from my mistake everyone else learn from my mistake as well don't make the same mistake!
Reviewed By: Kb(Guest)
2013-07-06 00:36:58

      deposited $93 australian into commonwealth bank account to my bitcoin people. getbitcoin.com.au - they received it fine.
they forwarded it to EASYCOIN and IT NEVER GOT THERE.
EASYCOIN STOLE MY MONEY and i am going to find them.

Reviewed By: mann
2013-06-29 08:18:43

      Let me start off by saying the only reason I created this profile and am writing this is because I don't want anyone else to get scammed. """STAY THE FUCK AWAY""" from this website. I transferred my bitcoins to the provided address and it never even got to me, stolen before even I could see it. I even had the pin password protection on, still nothing. I cant emphasize it enough """""""""" STAY THE FUCK AWAY """""""""

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